• Why Sustain?

    • Sustain is an investment app that empowers you to vote to hold companies accountable!
    • With Sustain, the community's voice determines where the fund invests. 
    • This creates a feedback loop that motivates companies to enact positive change by adopting better practices and investing in more sustainable projects

  • Why Sustain?


    Invest in companies that

    do good for the world.

    Investing with Sustain

    empowers you.

  • Sustain member benefits


    Exclusive access to free investing upon fund launch (TBD)

    6 month Beta Test results: +17% (+35% annualized) vs. the S&P 500 -3% (Note: all investments carry risks and past returns do not guarantee future returns).


    Sustain Newsletters

    Learn how companies are attacking (or failing) on issues of environmental and social progress.


    The Sustain App (launching soon!)

    Curated news on company issues, based on your interests, to help you become aware of what company's to support or avoid


    Be a Leader in the Community!

    Share your knowledge and perspective on the app by upvoting, downvoting, and debating issues.


    The more you vote, the higher your status on the leaderboard. Leaders receive access to special benefits.


    Follow friends and family to see how they vote.


    These votes will be used to inform portfolio construction of the forthcoming investment fund.

  • About Us

    At Sustain, we believe the social and environmental costs and benefits of company actions should be systematically reflected in the opportunity cost of capital. We hold a long-term vision of facilitating a financial framework that does just that. We are driven by concern over the current trajectory of our society and the ramifications of industry on the environment and the future of our planet.


    We see an urgent problem with the current state of investment management. Our concerns include:

    1. Environmental and social costs are ignored.
    2. Lack of transparency: Individuals, who at the end of the day are owners, aren't provided information on what companies they own or what those companies are up to.
    3. Fees are too high and opaque. 
    4. Beneficial owners do not have agency to vote on issues they care about and guide companies towards more sustainable practices.



    Andre Shepley

    Founder & CEO



    Chris Dick

    Co-Founder & COO & CFO



    Sylwia Zieba

    Co-Founder & CPO



    Nick Foden

    Co-Founder & CTO


  • This is how we evaluate the sustainability

    performance of companies:


    Products: How do product life cycles impact the world?

    Procurement: How does the company source its goods or services?

    Practices: How does the company approach ethics?

    People: How does the company treats human beings?

  • Check out the Sustain Blog

  • Sustain is a different approach to

    ownership and investing.

    To be a responsible owner, you must know the companies you invest in.


    We help provide transparency into how companies we invest in impact the world.